Study Guide

Wings Chapter 24

By Aprilynne Pike

Chapter 24

  • David drives Laurel to the hospital. He waits outside; he's a mess anyway, since he has bruises and cuts from the troll encounter.
  • She goes straight to her father and gives him two drops of the elixir. Her mom is anxious because Laurel went missing the night before, and Laurel giving her father something doesn't make sense.
  • Laurel says that Barnes isn't coming back, and that he wasn't what he appeared to be. But, according to Laurel, everything will be fine—and that's when she gives her mom the diamond.
  • Laurel explains that there's someone who wants the land to stay in the family, and they'll let Laurel's parents have the diamond in exchange for signing the land over to her.
  • Laurel's mom says she doesn't understand, and Laurel tries to find a non-awkward way of telling her mom that she's always been different. She mentions that she doesn't bleed, and Laurel's says that she doesn't remember the last time Laurel cut herself.
  • That moment, Laurel realizes that the faeries had probably worked over her mother with memory elixirs, and she feels awful.
  • Right then, her dad wakes up. Laurel joins David in the car a little later, saying that her dad will be fine. David had to call his mom and say he'd spent the night at Laurel's, but he's not sure how to explain all the bruises.
  • Laurel decides to give him a little bit of elixir to patch him up, figuring he earned it.
  • They talk, and Laurel says that she started to tell her mom the truth, but they got interrupted.
  • David thanks Laurel for the magic medicine, and says that he always knew there was something special about Laurel. He kisses her, and Laurel feels all relieved and comforted; then he drives home.