Study Guide

Wings Chapter 25

By Aprilynne Pike

Chapter 25

  • Laurel's mom brings her to the house, but doesn't come with her into the forest (Laurel thinks the faeries may not come out if she's there). Laurel has spent the last few days convincing her parents that (a) she's a faerie, and (b) faeries are real. The fact that the faeries saved Laurel's dad's life and gave them a diamond worth $800,000 helps.
  • Tamani appears, and Laurel hugs him. She's brought back the moccasins he loaned her, but he says he'd made them for her.
  • He asks about her father, and Laurel says they're releasing him from the hospital in a day, and because she has to go back home, she's essentially here to say goodbye to Tamani for a while.
  • Tamani interprets this as her choosing David over him, but Laurel says it's not like that. She has to be with her parents (because the trolls might come back for them), and it's not like she can drive out to see Tamani all the time or call him.
  • Also, she's figured out that the faeries fed her parents memory elixirs, and they even had to do it to her a couple of times. Tamani says he never used one on her, even though he should've once (when she spotted him among the trees, something she vaguely remembers).
  • Thing is, Laurel wishes she could stay—she loves learning about Avalon and magic and all that stuff.
  • Tamani bitterly asks what he has to do to get her to be with him (he did get shot for her after all), and confused, Laurel asks why he feels so strongly for her; after all, he barely knows her. He reveals that they'd been close friends as children, before Laurel agreed to have her memory erased and go into the human world.
  • The ring Tamani gave Laurel was actually her own baby-faerie ring, since they'd planned to have him hand it off to her in order to remind her of her former life. But it didn't work.
  • Tamani says he wants Laurel to choose him and come with him to their world, so he can show her Avalon. He promises to wait for her.
  • She turns to leave, but runs back and kisses him. She explains that she cares for him, and even though she doesn't actually remember him from their former lives, there's a part of her that feels connected to him.
  • And then she returns to the human world.