Study Guide

Wings Chapter 3

By Aprilynne Pike

Chapter 3

  • The next few weeks of school are a-okay. Laurel keeps hanging out with David, and then he asks her if she wants to hang out one afternoon outside of school.
  • As they walk to his place, he explains how he lives with his mom, since his dad left; she's a pharmacist, which is ironic since Laurel's mom is a naturopath (a.k.a. the total opposite).
  • Laurel tells David that she was adopted. Not only that, but she literally just showed up in a basket on her parents' doorstep when she was three years old. They took care of her until they could legally adopt her.
  • David takes Laurel on a walk, and shows her a cool tree that's actually made of two trees that grew so closely together that they became intertwined; after their walk, David asks if he can call Laurel tomorrow, and they exchange phone numbers.
  • She walks home in the rain, feeling happy. David awkwardly calls right as she gets home, but it's to ask if she wants to study for their upcoming biology test. Laurel says yes since she knows she could use the help.