Study Guide

Wings Chapter 5

By Aprilynne Pike

Chapter 5

  • On Saturday morning, Laurel wakes up and discovers that the bump is gone—and something else is there instead.
  • She creeps into the bathroom to use the mirror, and when she does, she's able to see that there are now petals growing from her back, in shades of blue and white. She tries to pluck one out, and it hurts; the air around her smells like a flower, too.
  • She manages to gently bind most of the petals with a scarf; she feels smothered, but obviously she can't walk around with a flower growing out of her back.
  • Laurel goes for a walk to try to calm her thoughts, when suddenly, she remembers that David has a microscope, so maybe he could look at a piece of a petal and tell her what it is. She returns home, calls him, and arranges to go to his place.