Study Guide

Wings Chapter 6

By Aprilynne Pike

Chapter 6

  • Laurel manages to snip off a piece of petal, even though it's painful. It doesn't bleed or anything, but it does ooze a little clear liquid. Then she goes to David's place.
  • He looks at the petal under the microscope and says that it comes from a plant, and since the cells are very active, it's still growing and/or flowering. Laurel asks him if he's sure about that; it couldn't come from an animal instead? He says he's sure.
  • Since she's so freaked out, Laurel decides to confide in David. First she makes him swear that he won't tell ever anyone, and once he swears, she shows him… and he's all like woah.
  • He starts asking questions, like whether it hurt when she snipped off the piece to go under the microscope. She says yeah, and she can feel them in general; they feel better when she doesn't bind them. He says maybe they're a part of her, like wings?
  • They keep talking, and David tries to be reassuring, though they still don't know what the flower is, whether it might spread, and so on. He asks if he can come see her after he's hung out at the beach, and she agrees.