Study Guide

Wings Chapter 7

By Aprilynne Pike

Chapter 7

  • David comes to Laurel's place after the beach party. As they're chatting, a man pulls into the driveway and asks to speak to Laurel's parents. This man's features are strange; his nose looks like it's been broken multiple times.
  • He sniffs David and asks if he'd been at a bonfire. It's kind of creepy.
  • The guy is a realtor named Jeremiah Barnes, and he's there to inquire about Laurel's family's land in Orick, which they're trying to sell. They don't have an asking price, since all the appraisers who came out were flaky; Barnes says he'll be in touch.
  • David leaves soon after. While Laurel and David are talking back at school, she asks if he wants to come with her family to go to the land to tidy up, rake some leaves, and stuff like that.
  • David can't go because his mom got him a part time job at the drug store where she works so he can pay for his driver's insurance (he's turning sixteen in a few weeks and getting his license). Maybe he can visit her family's place next time, though—if they don't sell it.