Study Guide

Wings Chapter 9

By Aprilynne Pike

Chapter 9

  • Laurel is quiet but anxious at school. She goes on a walk with David after classes, and he lets her be silent while she processes this stuff and tries to figure out what to tell him.
  • Finally, Laurel tells David about meeting Tamani at her parents' land. David's upset at the possibility of her being alone with this strange guy and getting hurt.
  • Laurel says mostly Tamani just said some crazy stuff, including… drumroll, please… that she is a faerie, a plant instead of a human.
  • David says it actually seems to fit, since Laurel reminds him of a faerie already. This just irritates her, though, since the whole thing has been like a nightmare as far as she's concerned, but he's taking it lightly. So she ditches David and goes home.
  • Once home, Laurel watches the sunset. When her dad calls her in to dinner, Laurel asks him if she was different from other kids when she was little, bringing up her eating habits (mostly just fruits and veggies) as an example.
  • Then she asks if she's ever been to a doctor. Her dad says that a doctor inspected her when they were finalizing the adoption. It was weird, though, because the doctor had been moving the stethoscope all over Laurel's chest and back, and said he wanted to talk to both her parents at once. By the time they both got there, though, the doctor was packing up his things, saying everything was fine.
  • Laurel's dad thinks the doctor's equipment had malfunctioned, and the doctor had wanted to ignore it so as not to look incompetent, so he pretended nothing had happened.
  • That wraps up their conversation, except that Laurel's dad also mentions that Barnes made an offer on the land that morning.