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The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh The House at Pooh Corner: Chapter 2

By A. A. Milne

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The House at Pooh Corner: Chapter 2

In Which Tigger Comes to the Forest and Has Breakfast

  • Winnie-the-Pooh wakes up with a start in the middle of the night.Honey burglars?
  • No.
  • Piglet?
  • No.
  • Christopher Robin (the character)?
  • No.
  • It's something that makes a funny, repetitive, almost springy noise. A noise a certain bear has never heard before.
  • He opens the front door, and says Hallo to a strange animal, who says Hallo back and they go on back and forth like this for a bit.
  • Finally, they get to the introduction.
  • Pooh, meet Tigger.
  • Tigger, Pooh.
  • Luckily, CR (the character) has vouched for the new character, so Pooh invites him for a honey breakfast in the morning.
  • This is good, because Tiggers like to eat everything.
  • Pooh wakes up to see Tigger staring at himself in the mirror, thinking he discovered a second creature exactly like him.
  • Before Pooh can explain about the mirror, the new guy gets into a wrestling match with the table cloth, thinking that it's a thing crawling up on Pooh's table.
  • Sometimes—not often—but sometimes, Pooh gets to be empirically smarter than someone else.
  • This is one of those times.
  • Pooh straightens everything out and sets out some honey.
  • Turns out, Tiggers like everything except honey, so Pooh tries to sound disappointed.
  • But really, that just means more honey for him.
  • So Pooh takes Tigger over to Piglet's to get some acorns, which we now know is something Piglet loves.
  • After some introductions...
  • Piglet, Tigger.
  • Tigger, Piglet.
  • ...Tigger gets a mouthful of acorns.
  • Oh.
  • Turns out Tiggers like everything except honey and acorns.
  • They decide to go on to Eeyore's to get some thistles.
  • Eeyore, Tigger.
  • Tigger, Eeyore.
  • Munch Munch.
  • Okay, Tiggers like everything, except honey and acorns and thistles.
  • Piglet realizes that they must go see Christopher Robin (the character).
  • CR is over at Kanga's house, so on they go.
  • Along the walk, Pooh makes up a Tigger poem.
  • Piglet worries about how big Tigger is. Pooh reminds him he's not so big. Piglet says he seems big.
  • Indeed, Tigger has a big personality, and you know what they say about big personalities.
  • Meanwhile, instead of walking, Tigger is bouncing the entire way to Kanga's. He's a little hyper, you could say.
  • They come across CR, and Tigger explains his plight. Okay, "plight" might be a strong word here, but he explains that he hasn't had any breakfast yet.
  • Unfortunately, CR doesn't know what Tiggers like to eat either, so they turn to Kanga.
  • Good old mom. She always knows.
  • She knows that however big Tigger seems, he really wants the same kindness as Roo (Milne's words, not ours [House.2.129]). What does that mean? It means that Tigger is just a big kid at heart, and he needs someone to take care of him.
  • Sadly, there's nothing in the cupboard that Tigger likes.
  • As a last resort, he takes a lick of Roo's "strengthening medicine." Really, it's malt extract, which is about as repulsive as a spoonful of grade A maple syrup, but for some reason Roo hates the stuff.
  • Tigger, on the other hand, loves it.
  • So that's what Tiggers like.
  • Needless to say, Tigger decides to stay awhile at Kanga and Roo's house, where he has an endless supply of deliciousness.
  • Who can blame him?

The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh The House at Pooh Corner: Chapter 2 Study Group

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