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The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh The House at Pooh Corner: Chapter 9

By A. A. Milne

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The House at Pooh Corner: Chapter 9

In Which Eeyore Finds the Wolery and Owl Moves Into It

  • Pooh has come into the woods and is looking at Owl's fallen tree house.
  • Turns out, Rabbit has started a movement to find a new house for their good friend Owl, which has made Pooh contemplative.
  • You see, Pooh still remembers promising Piglet that he would make up song about his heroics during the wreck of Owl's old house. Of course, like anyone with a deadline, Pooh hasn't quite gotten to it yet.
  • This is a problem with Pooh's process, in many ways. He thinks that poetry and songs are things that just come to you, not things that you decide about beforehand.
  • He begins thinking of a song about the fallen tree in front of him, sings the first line observing that a tree lies in front of him, and then just sees where it takes him.
  • The resulting song is not half bad if he says so himself. We here at Shmoop might call it a ballad like those songs you skim over in The Lord of the Rings so you can get to more uruk hai fight scenes.
  • This one's really quite grand. We suggest you go read the whole thing.
  • The narration returns to Rabbit, who's enlisting Eeyore in the house hunting.
  • Eeyore is too busy complaining about how no one comes to see him to think about Owl.
  • Then Rabbit calls him out. Finally! Finally, after 18 chapters of hemming and hawing and whining, someone calls him out!
  • He tells Eeyore that he should go out and see other animals, and not just wait for them to come around. Good advice, if you ask us. Take some initiative.
  • Amazingly, Eeyore takes the constructive criticism well, vows to get out more, and bids Rabbit goodbye.
  • Meanwhile, Pooh has found Piglet in order to share his hero's song.
  • First, he tells Piglet he's written the song, and Piglet gets a little pink in the face, which is funny, because he's a pig. He's already a bit pink in the face. So when he blushes, it can't really be all that different can it? Haha. Are we killing the humor for you? Yes? We'll stop.
  • Piglet decides that he'd like to hear the song by himself first, and then have Pooh share it with the rest of the crew.
  • Piglet can hardly believe his ears. Did he really do all those things?
  • Well, yes, says Pooh. We know because we heard them in a piece of poetry. So it must be true.
  • The two friends go back around to Owl's house, where they see all the animals in the wood, except for Eeyore.
  • Even Christopher Robin is there, giving orders about what to do to help Owl get all his belongings back.
  • Of course, there's a little bit of drama involved in this task. Roo keeps finding his way into hidden precarious corners. This worries Kanga, who's already on edge by the messy, ratty state of Owl's belongings.
  • Owl takes offense to Kanga's nagging and the two have a bit of an argument.
  • Luckily, they take a break to listen to Pooh's new song, and have nothing but good things to say about it.
  • Back to Owl's house. He reveals that he's at long last found a name for his new home even though he hasn't found the actual home yet.
  • It's THE WOLERY (House.9.61), a quaint misspelling of "Owlery," which means "Owl's house."
  • At this very moment Eeyore comes tromping in tramping on the WOLERY sign Owl has made.
  • But he has good news!
  • He's found a house for Owl.
  • A bit awkwardly, he only wants to show CR, Pooh and Piglet. The others can go on getting Owl's things out of the old house.
  • The four go along and lo and behold, it isĀ a wonderful house that he's found. Eeyore's a regular old house hunter, a love it or list it-er, a first-time buyer-er.
  • Unfortunately, it's Piglet's house.
  • Poor old Eeyore has never ventured far enough out of his own home to know where his friends live.
  • But Piglet, perhaps encouraged by the tidings of his past heroics, does something else very noble. Very noble indeed.
  • He doesn't say anything about it being his house. Instead, he agrees that it is just the house for Owl, and allows Eeyore to go on thinking he's done something wonderful.
  • Thing is, Piglet is serious. What a great guy, huh? He's giving his own home to Owl, and letting Eeyore feel proud. Killing two birds with one stone.
  • Winnie-the-Pooh invites Piglet to come live with him.
  • Piglet, of course, would love to.
  • Win win win.

The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh The House at Pooh Corner: Chapter 9 Study Group

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