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The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh Winnie-the-Pooh: Chapter 8

By A. A. Milne

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Winnie-the-Pooh: Chapter 8

In Which Christopher Robin Leads an Expotition to the North Pole

  • Pooh has invented a new song, and he decides to go visit Christopher Robin (the character) to see what he thinks.
  • As any artist does, he edits his piece along the way.
  • When Pooh arrives, CR's already outside, putting on some hefty boots.
  • Pooh anticipates a looming adventure, and greets his friend, who asks for help putting on his boots.
  • CR announces that they are going on an expedition to "discover" the North Pole.
  • Pooh mistakenly pronounces it "Expotition," so that's how it's referred to in the title.
  • CR isn't totally sure what the North Pole is, but he puts on airs and acts the part of a leader.
  • It's also announced that an expedition means "a long line of everybody" (Winnie-the-Pooh.8.21), so they've got to go get Piglet and Rabbit and everyone else.
  • Pooh finds Rabbit first, and tells him what he can remember of the plan.
  • So Rabbit goes to find Kanga and Pooh moves along to Piglet's.
  • Reassured by CR's presence, Piglet doesn't feel too scared, so they move along.
  • Soon all the animals are ready to embark on their Expotition.
  • Rabbit complains that all his friends and relations followed him.
  • Eeyore complains that all Rabbit's friends and relations are there.
  • In spite of the Debbie Downers, Christopher Robin gets them moving.
  • They all chatter and Pooh makes up a song and it's a grand old time.
  • Suddenly CR stops them all and announces that they are at a dangerous place.
  • As all the animals tell each other to Hush, the narrator goes off a quick tangent about Alexander Beetle.
  • Alexander Beetle is the youngest of Rabbit's friends and relations, and he's so frightened by all the hushing that he hides underground for two days, then goes off to live with his Aunt for the rest of his days.
  • Onward.
  • The dangerous place is a stream. A twisting stream that is just the place for an ambush.
  • Speaking of bushes, Pooh tells his friends about the time he fell out of a tree into a gorse bush. You remember that time too, don't you? If not, go back and check out Chapter 1 again. It totally holds up.
  • They stop a little farther along the stream to eat the food they've brought along.
  • As they finish up, CR and Rabbit have a private conversation.
  • Bravely, CR admits to his friend that he doesn't actually know what the North Pole looks like. They both claim to have known it once, but they've somehow forgotten.
  • Obviously, they conclude, it's just a pole stuck in the ground somewhere. Hence the name, North Pole.
  • So they decide to go along looking for a pole in the ground.
  • But when they return to the group, they discover that Roo has fallen into the water!
  • Of course, Roo is excited that he's finally "swimming", which he announces between mouthfuls of water. So there's no need to worry.
  • Nevertheless, everyone tries to help get him out.
  • But they're not all very helpful. Piglet panics, Owl lectures and Kanga worries.
  • Eeyore, of all people, is the first one who takes some action. He sticks his tail down toward the stream and tells Roo to grab hold. Only he's so mumbly that Roo doesn't hear him. Poor Eeyore.
  • At the same time, Pooh runs and gets a long pole for Roo to grab hold of.
  • They lift him out of the water, dripping and bragging about his swimming.
  • But Christopher Robin is distracted by the pole. A pole. The Pole. He declares that Pooh has found the North Pole!
  • And just like that, the expedition is over.
  • They all wander back to Eeyore, who still has his tail in the water waiting to heroically rescue Roo.
  • Of course, he complains about his tail. CR helps him dry it off, but everyone else is too excited about the North Pole.
  • They stick the pole in the ground and tie a sign to it declaring it the North Pole, found by Pooh.
  • They all go back home, and we hear last of Pooh, who rewards himself with "a little something" to eat. 

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