Study Guide

Winter Dreams Section 1

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Section 1

  • Dexter Green is a fourteen-year-old caddy at the Sherry Island Golf Club in Black Bear, Minnesota.
  • His father owns the second best grocery store in town, so Dexter is pretty well off.
  • But even though Dexter's family has some money, he still dreams of taking his place among the rich members of the Golf Club.
  • One day, Dexter announces that he is going to quit working as a caddy at the Golf Club.
  • One of the members, Mr. Mortimer Jones, begs him with tears in his eyes to stay on, since he is "best caddy in the club" (1.5). Wow, these guys are really attached to their caddies.
  • Dexter refuses: he has decided he is too old to caddy.
  • In the end, Dexter quits because of eleven-year-old Judy Jones. She's that pretty.
  • He sees Judy standing at the caddy house with her nurse, Hilda, and can tell that she is going to be beautiful in a few years. Sometimes you just know.
  • Judy calls out to Dexter and asks him where the golf teacher and the caddy-master are. It turns out they're not around, and Dexter has been left to look after the caddy-house.
  • The nurse steps in to ask if they could have a caddy, since Judy's father wants Judy to learn golf. But Dexter can't leave the caddy-house, since there's no one else in charge.
  • Judy and her nurse go off to talk and the little girl throws a fit and tries to hit her nurse with one of her golf clubs. Note to self: don't get on her bad side.
  • Finally, the caddy-master arrives and tells Dexter to caddy for Judy.
  • No way. Instead, he quits his job on the spot. Bold move, Dex!
  • Dexter is not entirely sure why he has made this decision to quit his job., but it has something to do with his "winter dreams" (1.46).