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Witch and Wizard Family

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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How Dad always said he had to be our father, not our friend—and that there was an important distinction between the two—but somehow he ended up being our best friend anyway. (15.7)

Most teenagers aren't best friends with their dads, so we're going to go out on a limb and say Mr. Allgood is awesome.

Whit didn't think he was special, but his words and his touch were like a magic bullet of strength. I could breathe now. "Love, you too," I whispered. "More than I ever knew before." (19.8)

Whit and Wisty draw on each other for emotional strength and physical strength. Later in the book, Whit shares his powers with Wisty so she can turn Judge Unger into a roach. Go team.

Plus, it seemed so obvious to me now: Whit was a great brother. I wished that it wouldn't have taken a New Order hellhole to prove that one to me. (39.3)

Nothing brings a family together like sharing a prison cell. That'll teach these two not to pester each other and bicker.

"My sister was a traitor to the New Order." He spoke slowly to drive home the point. "And… I… turned her… in." (44.5)

Byron Swain is so loyal to the New Order that he turned in his own sister. Uncool, Byron, way uncool.

Whit grabbed me in a bear hug that felt extraordinarily reassuring. "We're outta there! We're safe from her now!" (54.1)

We'd like to interrupt this chaos to point out a sweet moment between brother and sister. Aw.

"Okay," I said. "We have to find my mother and father. That's our mission," I stated very clearly. "Family first." (59.2)

Whit and Wisty have one priority after they're out of prison: to find their family. It's so instinctual they don't even have to think about it.

"But there's something else," Sasha said, and he looked directly at the two of us. "Your parents have been captured again." (74.23)

Whit and Wisty are so focused on finding their 'rents that Sasha lies and says they're being held at the children's prison. The fact that they aren't there is both good and bad news.

For a moment, I couldn't bear the idea of facing it again. And then I remembered my parents and knew there was no turning back. (78.10)

Wisty's desire to save her parents isn't just a source of anguish; it also helps her be brave when she needs it most.

"I mean, this is my life now. It's what I do. No parents, no brothers or sisters left. I have nothing to lose, really." (93.10)

Margo tells Whit that she's lost everyone in her family. How many other kids have lost their families, too?

"My sweet darlings," Mom said, and it was pure her. "We're alive, trust me. But we're not really here right now." (103.7)

Mr. and Mrs. Allgood are alive. This is obviously great news, but, um, where are they, anyway? We never find out… in this book.

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