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Witch and Wizard Power

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"See, the New Order is the political party that's been winning all the elections. They're in charge now. In just a few months they've gutted the old government and instituted the Council of Ones." (12.5)

It sounds like the New Order came into power quickly, but not overnight. Whit and Wisty aren't exactly politically aware until they're wrongfully imprisoned.

My eyes nearly falling out of my head in disbelief, I looked over at my sister and realized she had just hit Byron with a lightning bolt.

Lightning. A small bolt, sure, but lightning! From her fingertips! (13.16-13.17)

Whit has some pretty impressive powers of his own, but Wisty's are a little more, shall we say, showy. She likes to burst into flames just to freak people out.

"I couldn't even tell you what witches and wizards are supposed to do… except—shouldn't we at least be able to do things on purpose, instead of all this stuff we have no control over?" (35.7)

Whit and Wisty seem to have little control over their powers… at first. By the end of the book, though, they're total pros.

"I am everywhere, and obviously I am all-powerful, and you are not!" (42.17)

The One Who Is The One isn't exactly known for his modesty. But if he's so all-powerful, why doesn't he just kill Whit and Wisty?

"The grown-ups have amply demonstrated that power corrupts," Janine said. (64.2)

The child rebels rotate leaders on a weekly basis so no one becomes corrupt. It seems to be working for them. Well, more or less. So far.

"He had… I don't know… vaporized everyone." (65.18)

Evidently The One Who Is The One has the power to murder people with a flick of the wrist. So why doesn't he just kill Whit and Wisty?

I thought people like him came into power only in other places, in history books, in fantasy stories. Until now, I never noticed how much fantasy had to do with reality. (69.1-69.2)

Absolute power doesn't happen overnight, folks. It happens over time. Wisty is learning that lesson the hard way.

"We know we have special powers—but sometimes they're hard to control. Most of the time, actually." (72.9)

Whit and Wisty seem to get better at controlling their powers over time. Does practice make perfect? Or are they becoming stronger? Or both?

"Six: ultimately, the brother and sister shall combine with an even greater power for the goodness and prosperity of all." (98.14)

This is the sixth and final prophecy. A little bit alarming, right? Is The One Who Is The One the "greater power" mentioned in the prophecy?

Seriously, The One Who Is The One radiates like he's some sort of bad-energy power plant. (104.2)

Wisty seems to be able to pick up magical vibes from other people (like the witches in the City of Progress). Interesting.

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