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Witch and Wizard Rules and Order

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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Rules and Order

"Move one step out of line, and we will punish you severely!" (3.2)

This pretty much describes the New Order's approach to maintaining order: serious violence.

"The question is… can you learn to be good again? Can you learn to obey the rules?" (8.26)

The One Who Is The One asks Whit and Wisty to cooperate. Cooperate with what, exactly? They weren't doing anything wrong when they were arrested.

I wasn't going to be a goody-goody and obey their stupid rules. (9.13)

Whit isn't one to obey the rules, and neither is Wisty, for that matter. Which is good, because they would never escape from prison otherwise.

"The New Order is a bright new future. It is a future that replaces the corrupting and illusory freedoms of so-called democracies and replaces them with a higher discipline." (34.9)

The New Order isn't really into things like civil rights or due process. Their society is one of strict rules and serious consequences.

"Stop them! They're trying to escape! Sound the alarm! Shoot to kill! Take no prisoners!" (52.12)

The Matron is almost too excited to enforce the rules. She's not just an administrator; she's a sadist.

"Do not cross the street against the light, do not snap gum in public, and for God's sake, do not let that dog do her business. All dogs in the City of Progress are trained to use litter boxes indoors, like cats." (68.14)

The City of Progress has some pretty strict rules. Who knew that gum-snapping was such a big deal?

"We're not staying here?" one of them asked timidly as I backed the vehicle out of the gates. "Isn't that against New Order rules?" (80.3)

These kids aren't even processed by the prison before they get rescued, and yet they've already been indoctrinated. There's something kind of impressive about that.


The One Who Is The One has the Visitor executed after Whit and Wisty's escape. Killing people is one very effective method of getting them to obey the rules.

He thought I was being defiant. But I knew the sad truth: I didn't have much defiance left in me anymore. (90.4)

One way to maintain order in a prison is to sap your inmates of their will to live. Seems like that's what's happening to Wisty.

How often in human history has somebody like him taken control of a whole society? You know the answer, my friends: far too often. (104.5)

Witch and Wizard is the story of government gone wrong. It's happened before—not just in novels, but also in real life.

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