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Witch and Wizard The Supernatural

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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The Supernatural

"You and Whit are special, honey. Really special." (5.5)

Wisty's mom's always told her how special she was, but maybe she should have used the word "magic" every now and then. You know, just for clarity's sake.

"Wisteria Allgood […]. The New Order is taking you into custody until your trial. You are hereby accused of being a witch." (5.15)

Wisty's mom might think she's special, but The One Who Is The One deems her a dangerous criminal. Under the New Order's oppressive regime, being magical is a crime.

I saw—and felt—foot-long flames burst out of every pore in my body. (6.25)

Normally spontaneous combustion is a bad thing, but in the world of Witch and Wizard, it's just another one of Wisty's magic tricks.

The gavel just hung there in midair for a good five seconds—maybe six inches from Whit's face—then dropped heavily to the floor. (19.18)

This is the first magical thing that Whit does. It saves him a gavel to the face, but it's also not exactly helping him prove to Judge Unger that he's not a wizard.

"Uh, not as creepy as you," said Whit. "I hate to break this to you, sis, but… um, you're glowing." (23.2)

We never do find out exactly what this means, but it's true: Wisty glows. So does a witch she runs into in the City of Progress.

"The book shows each of us what we want to see." Then her eyes got huge and she stared at me. "It's magic." (31.18)

So it turns out that Whit's blank journal is enchanted. Too bad; Shmoop would love to read his diary.

I had been floating in my sleep. The nightmare about the gallows had woken me up, and I had woken… in midair. (33.3)

Some people snore, some people sleepwalk, and some people hover over the beds. Wait… what?

"You're laughing, Whit, but… this whole witch-and-wizard thing. The flames. The glowing. The gavel-stopping. Now the floating. I think we really are… magic." (33.12)

It takes Wisty quite a while to come around to the idea that she's actually a witch. Is it because she's so surprised? Or because anything supernatural is stigmatized under the New Order?

"Don't come here again, Whit," she warned. "This is the Shadowland. It's a place for spirits. That's what I am now. I'm a ghost." (37.14)

Wisty really wants to help Celia come back to the Overworld permanently. But Celia says dead is dead. (Unless you're a Half-light like her—then you're just sort of half-dead.)

"A coven," I whispered to Whit. "That was a coven of witches." (71.10)

Wisty runs into a coven in the City of Progress and one of the witches tries to get her arrested. Are they her enemies? And if so, why?

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