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Witch and Wizard Transformation

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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It's like we'd woken up, and suddenly we were living in a totalitarian state. (10.1)

Though Whit and Wisty feel like the world has transformed overnight, it's actually been happening for a while. Totalitarian states don't spring up overnight, folks.

My old life, and the days of recklessly skipping class, felt like a million worlds away now. (15.3)

In prison, Whit and Wisty long for their old lives, which feel very far away.

A few days ago, it seemed like the worst thing that could happen to me was waking up with a giant zit during school-picture day. How could life as I'd known it change so quickly and bizarrely? My brother and I had just been sentenced to death. (20.3)

One day you're worried about your math test, and the next day you're awaiting your execution. Sometimes life is just weird like that.

Byron "Tattling Weasel" Swain was now an actual weasel. (45.20)

Wisty transforms humans into animals at several points during the book. Perhaps her best work is turning Byron Swain into a weasel—he's much more likeable this way.

Celia grabbed for the knob… and kind of went through the door completely. "I always forget," she muttered. "I can't grab things anymore." (52.8)

Celia's still getting used to this whole "being a ghost" thing. Bummer for her, it seems like there aren't many advantages.

The dog dived paws-first through the portal. […] Suddenly it looked not so much fierce and deranged as totally confused. (53.10)

When Whit and Wisty escape the Hospital, a rabid dog follows them through the portal. Interestingly, it transforms into a docile pet. Does that mean magic doesn't work in the Shadowland? Hmm.

Looking around, I saw half-destroyed buildings on what once must have been a normal city block. (58.20)

Whit and Wisty have gone through personal transformations, but the world around them has changed, too. And not for the better.

And wouldn't you know it—right then, without any warning, I was sprouting like a charmed beanstalk in a fairy tale. (84.8)

After transforming herself into a mouse, Wisty returns to her human form at an opportune moment. Did the spell just wear off, or what?

Can people really change? I wondered. Maybe they can. (100.11)

Byron Swain used to be a jerk, but his days as a weasel seem to have made him go soft. He actually apologizes to Whit and Wisty. Yay.

Everything around it, every house—ours included—was gone. (101.20)

When Whit and Wisty see that their house is gone, they understand they can never go back to their old lives—they're forever changed.

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