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Witch and Wizard Chapters 1-5

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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Chapters 1-5

Chapter 1

  • Whit is jolted awake by the sound of a nearby helicopter. It's two o'clock in the morning, and someone's shining a very bright light through his window. Rude.
  • Whit peers out of the blinds and sees hundreds of armed soldiers. Is he just sleepy? Nope. They're really there.
  • Whit wonders what on earth is going on. He vaguely recalls elections and civil unrest… Whit isn't exactly politically aware, though.
  • Suddenly, Whit realizes the soldiers are coming into his house. He doesn't have time to shout a warning before they knock down the front door.

Chapter 2

  • Wisty wakes up to the sound of overturned furniture and shattering glass, and she assumes her brother has been drinking again.
  • For some reason, she thinks about her brother's girlfriend, Celia, who's been missing for three months.
  • Wisty hears her dad yelling about something, which makes her realize something's wrong. Now she's paying attention.
  • Someone crashes through Wisty's bedroom door. It's two uniformed dudes. What do they want? Unclear.

Chapter 3

  • One of the soldiers tells Wisty that he and his colleagues are with the New Order; he tells her to come with them.
  • Wisty wants to change first, but her request is denied.
  • Suddenly Wisty realizes that something like this probably happened to Celia. She has the desperate urge to disappear.

Chapter 4

  • Just as Wisty think she wants to disappear, it seems the uniformed soldiers can't find her. Coincidence?
  • Wisty hears her mom shout her name from the hallway. She shouts back, and the soldiers grab her and drag her into the family room.
  • She sees her brother Whit, who asks her if she's okay. Uh, not really.

Chapter 5

  • Wisty sees her parents and realizes they understand what's going on in a way that she doesn't. Vaguely, she recalls a lifetime's worth of her mom telling her how special she is—she never thought anything of it until now.
  • She realizes that one of the soldiers is Byron Swain, a kid from school. Byron is not exactly well-liked.
  • Byron tells Wisty that she's being taken into custody to await trial for being a witch. Since Wisty does not identify as a witch, though, she's confused.

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