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Witch and Wizard Chapters 101-104

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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Chapters 101-104

Chapter 101

  • Some time has passed, and Wisty and Whit are out together in the van.
  • They're driving through a cornfield, and suddenly things start looking familiar. They realize they're close to home—or where their home used to be.
  • They spot a tree, and on it is the birdhouse their dad built. Everything else that used to be there is gone.

Chapter 102

  • Wisty wonders where their parents are. She remembers a rhyme her mom used to say when she was little, something about speaking love.
  • Wisty says the word "love" and suddenly transparent shapes start appearing. It's like the ghost of their old house.
  • Wisty's worried that The One is going to be there.

Chapter 103

  • Hey, here are Mom and Dad. But they're in ghost form, like Celia. Are they dead?
  • No, they're not; they're just somewhere else. Phew.
  • Mom and Dad are very proud of Whit and Wisty and seem caught up on everything that has happened.
  • Their mom says that Wisty's going to be a musician, and their dad says Whit will be a writer. Kind of random.
  • Wisty's mom tells her to transform her drumstick into its true form. Surprise: It's a magic wand. Bet you never saw that one coming. (Just kidding… we bet you did.)
  • Whit's turn. That's right, his blank journal is a spellbook.
  • The parents have to be going now, and when the bounce, the ghost of the house disappears, too.
  • Whit finds a de-weaseling spell in his book. Wisty thinks Byron should probably stay as is, though.
  • They walk through the cornfield and find Byron… de-weaseled. He says Whit and Wisty's mom did it.
  • They're off to crush the New Order.

Chapter 104

  • We're back where the book started, at the Allgoods' execution. Guess they didn't crush the New Order after all.
  • The One Who Is The One is there, of course; Wisty can sense his powerful magic.
  • She can also sense that they're going to escape this situation. She's not sure how, though.

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