Study Guide

Witch and Wizard Chapters 21-25

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

Chapters 21-25

Chapter 21

  • Whit and Wisty's new quarters are housed in what used to be a psychiatric hospital. For a moment, Wisty's convinced she hasn't really been arrested; she's just lost her mind. This idea is so comforting it makes her smile.
  • Wisty asks one of the guards when she'll meet with the doctor, but the guard's like, um, this is jail.
  • Whit and Wisty are handed over to a woman at an old nurses' station. She's so unpleasant that Wisty finds herself longing for a lobotomy.

Chapter 22

  • This woman, the Matron, calls Whit and Wisty maggots. Clearly another example of the New Order's commitment to professionalism.
  • The Matron actually refers to Whit and Wisty as "my pretties." Whit briefly wonders if he really has gone crazy.
  • The Matron says her facility has been spellproofed. She tosses Whit and Wisty in a cell along with their comforts from home: the drumstick and the blank journal. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Chapter 23

  • Whit informs Wisty that she's glowing—like, literally—and when she looks down, she is surprised to see she's throwing off a faint green light.
  • Like any fifteen-year-old, Wisty's very worried about the possibility she may be a freak. She wonders why their mother never told her she was different.
  • Then Wisty realizes maybe her mother did tell her. This makes her cry even harder.
  • Whit tries to comfort her and the siblings fall asleep; Wisty gradually loses her glow.

Chapter 24

  • That night, Celia visits Whit in his dreams again, and again he asks her what happened. She still won't answer, though she promises she will eventually.
  • Celia mentions that there's a prophecy about Whit and Wisty—that's why the New Order is so afraid of them.
  • Before Whit can even fully process this info, Celia's gone.

Chapter 25

  • Whit and Wisty wake up. The Matron is at the door with someone who calls himself the Visitor.
  • The Visitor has a leather riding crop that he uses to whip Wisty. This visit is already off to a great start.

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