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Witch and Wizard Chapters 26-30

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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Chapters 26-30

Chapter 26

  • Whit sasses the Visitor, and you'll never believe what happens next. Just kidding, you'll totally believe it—he gets the whip.
  • The Visitor reviews the facility's security precautions, which include armed guards, booby traps, and something that saps the siblings' superpowers. So why was Wisty glowing last night?
  • He also points out the "amenities" of the siblings' prison cell, which include a nice view of a ventilation shaft and a door-less bathroom with no toilet paper.
  • The Visitor takes his leave.

Chapter 27

  • Whit and Wisty are talking about how much their situation stinks. The whole "I'm getting executed in a month" thing seems to be weighing on Whit.
  • Wisty tries muttering random spells and somehow manages to open the cell door.

Chapter 28

  • Wait—the door opening wasn't because of Wisty's spell. Drat. The Matron's there with a couple of slop buckets.
  • The Matron walks Whit and Wisty to the place where the food and water is stored. Which happens to be located at the end of a hallway lined with rabid dogs? Weirdest prison ever.

Chapter 29

  • Whit and Wisty survey their options. Wisty doesn't know how to burst into flames on purpose, so it's up to Whit to navigate the rabid dog hallway.
  • A tiny child runs back from the food area. It does not go well.
  • The Matron, however, has her stopwatch out and is really enjoying herself.

Chapter 30

  • Whit is trying to keep his cool as he runs down the rabid dog hallway. It doesn't work, and he starts screaming the word "Victory" like a maniac.
  • At the end of the hallway are some food troughs; Whit fills his slop buckets with gruel and water.
  • He runs back down the hallway and the Matron zaps him with her stun gun. Harsh.
  • Evidently Whit went over his allotted time by six seconds—so the Matron takes the gruel and water.

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