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Witch and Wizard Chapters 31-35

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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Chapters 31-35

Chapter 31

  • Whit and Wisty found a drippy pipe outside their sad ventilation window. Stay hydrated, kids.
  • Whit's zoning out on his mattress; he's so miserable that he's homesick for his trigonometry homework.
  • Wisty breaks his reverie with a shout. Seems like that old blank journal their parents gave Whit is magically displaying books and magazines. Perhaps it's an iPad?
  • Noting that the book shows her art stuff and her brother pictures of women in swimsuits, Wisty comes to the conclusion that the magic iPad shows each person whatever they want to see.
  • Wisty's encouraged. She's starting to think there's something to this witch and wizard stuff.

Chapter 32

  • The kids have been enduring a lot of tests—mostly medical stuff.
  • It's nighttime, and Wisty can't sleep. Suddenly some people bust in and she and Whit are dragged from the cell.
  • For some reason the Matron's singing Whit a modified version of happy birthday. Wisty looks out the window and sees a gallows.
  • Yikes.
  • Whit's being dragged to the gallows, Wisty's screaming, and suddenly she's… falling? Looks like this chapter was just a dream.

Chapter 33

  • Wisty wakes up and realizes she actually did fall. Evidently she levitated in her sleep.
  • Whit saw her floating and is deeply impressed. Wisty waves around the drumstick her mom gave her experimentally. Nada.
  • Wisty tells Whit they're really magic, and he agrees.
  • They brainstorm ideas for using magic to bust out of prison. The only problem is they have no idea how their magic works.
  • The door to their cell swings open, which is never a good sign.

Chapter 34

  • Oh dear, it's the Visitor. He inspects the cell.
  • Whit sasses the Visitor. As punishment, he has to scrub the bathroom nook with an old toothbrush.
    The Visitor drops a comment about the New Order. Wisty asks him what the New Order even is, and the Visitor explains that it's mostly about eliminating deviants and criminals.
  • Wisty demands to know why she and her brother and being persecuted; she insists that they're just kids.
  • The Visitor moves to whip her with his crop and Wisty bursts into flames. Guess they're not just kids, after all.

Chapter 35

  • Wisty's scrubbing the bathroom nook and singing "I've Been Working on the Railroad." She's maybe losing it a little.
  • Whit wonders aloud why they can't control their magic, and then suddenly he sticks his hand through a wall.
  • Wisty's concerned, but no worries—Whit pulls his hand right back out and the wall seems intact.
  • Whit sticks his hand back into the wall. And then his head.

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