Study Guide

Witch and Wizard Chapters 41-45

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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Chapters 41-45

Chapter 41

  • The horseflies are causing a bit of a commotion in the courtroom, so Whit and Wisty duck under a table.
  • Whit asks Wisty if this was her work, and she says it was. Plague over. That was fast.

Chapter 42

  • Whoa, whoa, wait—we spoke too soon. The plague isn't over. In fact, the horseflies have turned into leeches. It's disgusting and Whit is totally into it.
  • The One Who Is The One appears out of nowhere, and he is not amused.
  • His Oneness has been observing Whit and Wisty like a stalker, but he's still not satisfied. He wants to know what makes them tick, so they'll have to endure more tests back at the hospital.
  • There's a small hurricane in the courtroom, and His Oneness is gone. What a drama queen.

Chapter 43

  • The siblings are back in their cell. They receive a visitor. No, not the Visitor—it's their old friend Byron Swain.
  • Byron informs Whit and Wisty that they've been designated Extremely Dangerous. Which means they'll be executed tomorrow.

Chapter 44

  • Whit asks Byron how he'd feel if his sister was to be executed, and Byron says his sister was a traitor and he turned her in. Oh.
  • Wisty waves her drumstick at Byron and says "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo." Literally. It's just a joke, but sparks fly and there's a huge boom.

Chapter 45

  • It seems Wisty has turned Byron Swain into a lion. What did Shmoop say about golden retrievers?
  • Whit helpfully suggests that Wisty change Byron back, so Wisty says the magic words… but nothing happens.
  • She tries again. This time it works. Well, sort of; now Byron's a weasel. Could be worse.

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