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Witch and Wizard Chapters 46-50

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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Chapters 46-50

Chapter 46

  • Whit's impressed. The Matron, who barges into the room, however, is not—she wants to know what that roaring she heard a moment ago was.
  • Whit acts like the Matron's crazy, explaining there is of course no lion. Also, Byron Swain left a few minutes ago.
  • The Matron thinks Whit is lying so she zaps him with the stun gun.

Chapter 47

  • The stun gun doesn't work, though; it just tickles a little. Whit acts like he's in pain so the Matron won't realize it's had no effect.
  • The Matron looks around the cell. She doesn't find Byron in the ventilation shaft or in the bathroom nook, so she finally stomps out of the room.
  • She uses her stun gun on a guard just to make sure it's working. It is. He falls to the ground.
  • Whit thinks his and Wisty's powers are growing. Wisty thinks she sees a fairy.

Chapter 48

  • It's not a fairy, though, it's Celia. Hey, girl.
  • Whit notices that Celia has no scent; she used to smell like perfume.
  • Whit asks if he can hold Celia. She's not exactly solid, but it sort of works, and they have a moment.
  • Celia says she's been looking for Whit. She explains it's sort of hard to navigate the Shadowland.
  • Guess who helped Celia find her way to the cell? The weasel—a.k.a. Byron Swain.
  • Celia says she plans to bust Whit and Wisty out. The only problem is they'll have to go through the Shadowland… and she doesn't know if they'll be able to get back out.

Chapter 49

  • Wisty reflects on how much she's always liked Celia. Celia's so pretty and nice… and dead. Celia gives them the technical term for whatever she is now: a Half-light.
  • Half-lights are spirits who live in the Shadowland, which is sort of like limbo. It's a different dimension, but she's able to travel into Whit and Wisty's world through portals.
  • Celia says that Byron went through the portal in his weasel form and told her about Whit and Wisty's situation. They had to tickle it out of him.
  • It's about time to go. Wisty wonders if she could bring Celia back from the dead… She is a witch, after all.

Chapter 50

  • Celia says they have to hurry. As soon as the door opens, Whit and Wisty have to run to the nearest portal.
  • The portal will take them to the Underworld. The Underworld is the opposite of the Overworld, which is what the New Order controls. Got it? Good.
  • The Shadowland is located within the Underworld, and so are other dimensions. The New Order has no power there.
  • Whit asks Celia where they can find the portal. Bad news: It's at the end of the rabid dog hallway.
  • More bad news: It looks like a plain wall. Whit and Wisty will have to hurl themselves at it and hope for the best.
  • Celia says the great escape is going to go down in about one minute.

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