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Witch and Wizard Chapters 51-55

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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Chapters 51-55

Chapter 51

  • Whit doesn't much like the sound of Celia's plan, but he doesn't see any alternatives, so he and Wisty grab the drumstick and the journal and prepare to make a move.
  • The plan is that Wisty will try her best to do something (anything) to deal with the dogs. Whatever happens, they'll run through the hall together.
  • Whit wonders if the Matron and the guards will try to come through the portal. Celia thinks they won't be able to because they're "Straight and Narrows" (not "Curves" like Whit and Wisty).

Chapter 52

  • Celia tells Whit to rap on the door three times. He does, and the door unlocks.
  • Celia tries to grab the knob, but she can't make contact. Oh yeah, she's dead.
  • Whit and Wisty set off at a run, and the Matron raises the alarm.
  • The siblings arrive at the hall of nightmare dogs, and Wisty points her drumstick and tells the rabid pups to freeze. The dogs oblige.
  • They take off toward the portal (which, remember, just looks like a regular brick wall). Whit jumps through the portal but he loses Wisty. Uh-oh…

Chapter 53

  • From his vantage in Shadowland, Whit can see that Wisty's still in the hospital. Wisty shouts "release" and the dogs unfreeze; they're also somehow freed from their chains. This is bad news for the guards.
  • Wisty and Celia jump through the portal, and so does a dog. Instantly, the animal is transformed from furious to confused.
  • Whit and Wisty watch another guard slam into the wall. The Matron's being attacked by a pile of dogs.
  • Wisty's worried about the dog. Celia says it must be cool because it's a Curve. A Curve is anyone who can access the Underworld, BTW.
  • Wisty names the dog Feffer. You know, normal dog name.
  • Finally, the Matron smacks into the brick wall. So… not a Curve.

Chapter 54

  • Whit's delighted they have successfully escaped, but Wisty's not rejoicing just yet—she's wary of this new world, which is cold and empty.
  • Celia explains that they're in the Shadowland. Basically it's just fog, but it's so thick that you can barely see in front of you.
  • Feffer trots off and Wisty follows. Celia's alarmed. It's easy to get lost in the Shadowland.
  • Speaking of which… Feffer has disappeared. Whew, wait, she's back. Celia says animals have better senses.
  • In the distance, someone or something moans. It's the Lost Ones, Celia explains, and they're, uh, not friendly. Let's just leave it at that.

Chapter 55

  • Hark, here's a blond girl. It's Susan, a friend of Celia's who seems super nice.
  • Susan was executed for chewing gum. Seems harsh.
  • Someone else appears—a boy named Sasha who seems to be alive like Whit and Wisty.
  • Sasha's here to escort Whit and Wisty to a portal out of Shadowland. Which is good, because those moans are getting closer.
  • And now here's Byron the weasel. Apparently he's along for the ride, much to Wisty's dissatisfaction.

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