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Witch and Wizard Chapters 61-65

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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Chapters 61-65

Chapter 61

  • As they're walking to safety, Sasha explains that time works differently in the Shadowland. Though it seems as though they were only there for a few hours, it was actually around a month.
  • The kids have arrived at HQ. It used to be a luxury department store called Garfunkel's, but now it's a sort of squat for rebel teenagers.

Chapter 62

  • Wisty's pretty excited to be at Garfunkel's; it's a nice change of pace after the psychiatric hospital prison.
  • Sasha shows them around and explains there's no electricity so they run laptops off of generators that use perfume as fuel.
  • Wisty looks around at hundreds of kids and wonders where their parents are. Are they dead?
  • Sasha introduces Whit and Wisty to the group's leader, Janine.
  • Celia has to be going. She says she'll try to come back—"try" being the key word.

Chapter 63

  • Whit and Celia go behind a column for a more private goodbye. And they… merge? Like Celia's spirit body stands in the place where Whit's real body is.
  • Whit is overwhelmed by the merge. It was really powerful and moving, and then Celia had to leave. He brushes away tears.

Chapter 64

  • Wisty wants to know why leaders only serve for a week and Janine explains it doesn't give anyone time to become corrupt.
  • Janine's excited to have Whit and Wisty on board since they're so skilled, by which she means their magic.
  • She mentions their group has other magical kids. Evidently they're a lot less magical than Whit and Wisty, though.
  • Janine begs the siblings to help with a raid the group has planned for tomorrow: They're going to rescue kids from the Overworld Prison.
  • Wisty says they can't help because they need to find their parents. Janine, however, is insistent.

Chapter 65

  • Whit's back, and Wisty notices he seems bummed. Anyway, they're about to go see Michael Clancy, whoever that is.
  • Sasha takes them to the room where Michael is. Michael is skinny and super weird.
  • Michael recounts the story of when he was in the Overworld Prison. He was on a block of forty kids who were considered extremely dangerous.
  • One day all the kids were taken to the courtyard. The One Who Is The One showed up and, like, vaporized them. They were all dead, except for Michael.

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