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Witch and Wizard Chapters 66-70

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Chapters 66-70

Chapter 66

  • Wisty is freaking out; she feels overwhelmed by everything she's learned. She and her brother are magical. Their parents are missing. They just escaped prison.
  • They also found out there's more than one world—they went to the Shadowland and now they're in Freeland.
  • Currently they're living in a department store, and tomorrow they're raiding a prison.
  • Wisty knows she needs to focus on the prison raid, but she's worried about her parents.

Chapter 67

  • Janine's showing Wisty the plans of the Overworld Prison. She's mildly alarmed to find out that Byron the weasel talks.
  • Wisty sends Byron out of the room in case he turns spy. She and Janine settle down to talk about the plan for the raid.

Chapter 68

  • Janine wants Wisty and her brother to check out the City of Progress, one of the New Order's strongholds. Time to don a disguise.
  • They dress Wisty up like a Stepford wife. Apparently Whit's costume is just "being clean."
  • Jonathan, who will be their tour guide, explains the rules: No talking to strangers, no chewing gum, no crossing the street without a signal.

Chapter 69

  • The kids are in the City of Progress. There are posters of The One Who Is The One everywhere.
  • Wisty spots a diner. She wants to go there something fierce and Jonathan says okay.
  • Wisty orders some food. Whit is feeling weird.
  • Uh-oh… seems like a group of women have identified Wisty as a witch. Here's hoping she gets to eat her cheeseburger before anything goes down.
  • A woman is now accusing Wisty in full voice. Wisty thinks that she's a witch.

Chapter 70

  • Wisty acts like she has no idea what the woman, Mrs. Highsmith, is talking about. Whit and Jonathan back her up.
  • Wisty and Mrs. Highsmith go back and forth accusing each other of being witches. Jonathan says they should leave.
  • Wisty uses her witch powers to attack herself with the woman's fork. Clever girl, right? Now everyone is convinced that Mrs. Highsmith is a witch.

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