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Witch and Wizard Chapters 71-75

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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Chapters 71-75

Chapter 71

  • As the kids leave the diner, Mrs. Highsmith is being restrained.
  • Now Mrs. Highsmith is glowing, so Wisty is totally positive she's a witch. To confirm her suspicion, Mrs. Highsmith attacks the other people in the diner, and then she and her friends calmly finish their lunch.
  • The women disappear. Wisty knows they were a coven of witches. So then why were they so mean to her? Weird.

Chapter 72

  • It's nighttime at rebel headquarters; Whit and Wisty are sleeping in the bed and bath department.
  • The next day, Whit starts working out. He's interrupted by Janine, who wants to introduce him to Jamilla.
  • Jamilla is a shaman. She basically trains witches and wizards, though she doesn't have magic herself.
  • Wisty admits she's been having trouble controlling her powers, and Jamilla explains that magic can be difficult to manage.
  • Jamilla describes some of the other magical kids' abilities. Some of them are mildly psychic, and others can control small objects with their minds.
  • Jamilla's curious to see what Whit and Wisty can do. Wisty sets herself on fire and freaks everyone out. Total show-off.

Chapter 73

  • Wisty puts herself out—a first—while Jamilla looks like she's about to puke.
  • Someone in the crowd tells Jamilla that Wisty can float; he saw her when she was sleeping.
  • Wisty tells Jamilla about some of Whit's powers. Jamilla's totally wigging. Wisty also tells her about the leeches and how she transformed Byron into a talking weasel.
  • Jamilla thinks that Whit and Wisty are the Liberators, a.k.a. the Rescuers. There's a prophecy about it and everything.

Chapter 74

  • Conveniently, there is a prophecy wall in the department store that flashes up all sorts of prophecies. Sometimes it has messages about sales at the store, but other times it sends the rebels on missions.
  • Evidently the prophecy wall predicted that two magical Liberators would help the rebels overthrow the New Order. Jamilla's super psyched, and people start clapping and cheering.
  • Oh wait… the prophecy wall has a new message. It's about how one day, kids will run the world.
  • Sasha tells Whit and Wisty that more executions are scheduled for tomorrow at the Overworld Prison. And bad news: Their parents are there.
  • Whit and Wisty are officially committed to the raid.

Chapter 75

  • Meet Margo, the team leader for the prison raid. She's tiny and homicidal.
  • Whit and Wisty are walking with Margo through an abandoned subway station. Margo reviews the plan: Rescue the kids and then find their parents.
  • Whit asks Margo about the plan. Bad news: There isn't one. She suggests they could get arrested, which would get them inside the prison, but they're really just counting on Whit and Wisty's magic.
  • Luckily, Wisty has been working on a plan: She's going to give Whit a magical disguise and turn herself into a mouse. Wisty is maybe bad at plans.

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