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Witch and Wizard Chapters 76-80

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Chapters 76-80

Chapter 76

  • Whit thinks that Wisty's plan is bad—very bad—but Wisty argues that she'll have easy access to the facility as a mouse.
  • Whit thinks it's too dangerous, though Wisty remains confident in her plan.
  • Whit seems like he's coming around.

Chapter 77

  • Wisty takes out her drumstick and starts giving Whit a makeover until he looks like an old New Order guard. Then she turns herself into a mouse.
  • At first Wisty's really pleased with herself. But as she surveys the area—everything looks so big—her confidence flags.
  • Whit puts Wisty into his pocket and they're ready to go.

Chapter 78

  • The rebel kids are running down the street, and Wisty's feeling a little bit ill as she's thrown around in Whit's pocket.
  • After someone starts a trash can fire as a distraction, Whit's inside the hospital's gates.
  • Whit and Wisty see a van of prisoners—kids, of course. They whisper a spell that they hope will make everyone go to sleep. It doesn't work, though. Uh-oh.

Chapter 79

  • Two guards are approaching Whit; he's about to be found out. Just in time, Wisty thinks a spell really hard and they crumple to the ground, asleep.
  • Wisty tells Whit to drive the kids to safety. She's going in to rescue the other kids and their parents.
  • She sets off, ready to follow a drainpipe into the facility.

Chapter 80

  • Whit's driving the van of kids out of the hospital. Margo and the other rebels join him in the van.
  • Emmet's navigating, and Whit's behind the wheel. The kids seem anxious, but Margo reassures them that everything will be okay.
  • Margo seems alarmed by Emmet's directions. She's worried they're heading into a death trap.

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