Study Guide

Witch and Wizard Chapters 81-85

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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Chapters 81-85

Chapter 81

  • Whit slams on the brakes, but it's no use: The van is going down a steep flight of stairs. The kids are freaking out.
  • They're headed into a subway station. Emmet's brilliant plan is to ride the empty tracks back to safety.
  • The van makes it to the rails before they hear a train whistle. Emmet says it's far away.
  • Bad news: Emmet is wrong—the train's actually right behind the van.

Chapter 82

  • We're back with Wisty in the hospital. She's running through pipes, vents, and gutters, making her way into the facility.
  • She feels like she more or less knows where she's going. She climbs through a conduit and starts to fall.

Chapter 83

  • Wisty's still falling. She has no sense of what she's falling into, but she can't make it stop, and she's panicking.
  • As she falls, Wisty is overwhelmed by a bad smell and realizes she's falling into a garbage pile. She falls onto a mesh screen and bounces on it like a trampoline.
  • Wisty is injured, but alive. She takes in her surroundings. She's still on the mesh screen, and when she looks down, she realizes there are dozens of rats in the garbage pile.
  • Wisty tries to jump for a shaft, but she misses and falls back onto the screen, which finally breaks. She plummets into the rat party.
  • Maybe they'll be nice rats?

Chapter 84

  • Update: They are not nice rats. In fact, they are super gross mean rats—and they are drooling.
  • Wisty tries and fails to run away. Now she's pinned underneath the biggest rat.
  • Good news: Wisty's turning back into a human and she no longer seems to be injured. Also, she's naked.
  • The rats scurry, and Wisty picks out an old prison uniform from the garbage pile. She finds a ladder and climbs out.
  • She emerges into a hallway and is immediately spotted by a half-dozen guards. Oh, and by the way, her magic doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

Chapter 85

  • Wisty starts to run, but the guards are at her heels.
  • Wisty's running up some stairs, desperate to get away, but she comes to a dead end overlooking the courtyard.
  • The only way to escape is by walking on a pipe over the courtyard. Though she's not a mouse anymore, she goes out on it anyway.
  • It looks like Wisty might make it across. Wait… nope. She falls.

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