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Witch and Wizard Chapters 86-90

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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Chapters 86-90

Chapter 86

  • We're back with Whit's van on the subway tracks of doom. Emmet thinks they should abandon the van and run, but Margo says they should stay put.
  • Whit can't get the car to start so he somehow starts the van with his wizard powers. He slams on the gas, and after a few seconds, the van finally lurches forward.

Chapter 87

  • Wisty grabs a rope as she falls. Whew. That was close.
  • She uses the rope to sort of rappel down the side of the building. Her feet encounter something solid. Oh dear, it's the corpse of the Visitor.

Chapter 88

  • Whit's still trying to outdrive the train. They come to a fork in the tracks and Whit's not sure which one to take.
  • He uses his wizard powers to alter the track so that the train follows the fork the van didn't take. Crisis averted.
  • Everyone in the van is just sitting there trying not to puke. Emmet finally says they're close to the portal back to Garfunkel's.

Chapter 89

  • Wisty screams and lets go of the rope, falling to the ground. There's a sign pinned to the Visitor that indicates he was executed due to her and Whit's escape.
  • While she's been distracted, the guards have caught up with her. Her magic is still dead, so she cries. When a guard makes fun of her, she spits in his face.

Chapter 90

  • The hospital administrator can't figure out where Wisty belongs—they don't have any unaccounted-for prisoners.
  • The administrator gets a call and realizes the prisoner the guards have captured is Wisty.
  • Excellent, now he only has to catch Whit and the Allgood parents. Wait… aren't they supposed to be imprisoned at the hospital?
  • Turns out Wisty's parents aren't there after all. Wisty's puzzled, but glad.
  • Wisty is getting angry because she realizes Sasha lied. Is he a spy? She wonders about it as she's dragged into a cell.

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