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Witch and Wizard Chapters 91-95

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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Chapters 91-95

Chapter 91

  • Wisty's crying again. Another child tries to comfort her.
  • Feeling empowered, Wisty tries to use her magic on the guards. It doesn't work, though, and they bop her on the head with a nightstick.
  • Oh, wait, it did work after all—phew, Wisty's back in business.
  • Wisty starts letting all the kids out of their cells. More guards are on their way in, though.

Chapter 92

  • The guards come in swinging, and Wisty gets so mad that she bursts into flames again.
  • Turns out she's standing under a smoke alarm. The alarms go off and all the doors open, including the doors to the kids' cells.
  • Wisty clears a path for the kids through the guards. She's leading them to an exit.

Chapter 93

  • Whit has dropped off the kids at Garfunkel's and he's on his way back to the prison, having used magic to alter the appearance of the van.
  • He wonders what's up with Wisty. Is she still a mouse? He notes that he has changed back to his regular self.
  • Margo says she's not too worried; her family is dead and she has nothing to lose.
  • Whit realizes his birthday passed, unbeknownst to him. Margo sings him Happy Birthday.
  • Abruptly, she stops singing. They have arrived at the prison—and it's on fire.

Chapter 94

  • The kids are still trying to escape the building, and Wisty's still on fire, holding off the guards.
  • The building seems to be catching on fire; Wisty hopes it burns to the ground.
  • She's relieved to see that Whit and the others are waiting outside—she wasn't sure that they would be there.
  • Wisty isn't feeling so hot. Well, actually she feels really hot, what with being on fire. Anyway, she's unwell.
  • She collapses just as someone says that she's condemned to death.

Chapter 95

  • Whit's standing in front of the burning hospital, looking for Wisty.
  • Finally, he spots her—she's on fire and she looks unwell, close to death even.
  • She faints. As Whit moves to grab her, he hears an unfriendly voice coming from behind him.

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