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Witch and Wizard Chapters 96-100

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Chapters 96-100

Chapter 96

  • It's the Matron. And she's not alone; she's with her brother, Judge Ezekiel Unger, and they're standing with Jonathan, one of the rebel children.
  • Seems like Jonathan is a traitor—he was sick of living at Garfunkel's.
  • Whit starts chanting about how afraid the New Order is. He picks up Wisty, who's still unconscious. More chanting.
  • Wisty wakes up. The judge says he's going to put them back in the burning prison. Wisty's not really up for that plan, though…

Chapter 97

  • Wisty launches into a curse. And Whit gives her his power, too? It's sort of confusing.
  • The curse, it turns out, is that Judge Unger turns into a roach. Awesome.
  • The Matron runs away with the guards. Meanwhile, a rat starts eating the roach that is Judge Unger. Wisty laughs like a psychopath, and Whit is grossed out.
  • Wisty faints again. Guess she's worn out.

Chapter 98

  • The One Who Is The One has appeared out of thin air; he seems impressed with Wisty's display of magic.
  • The One says this whole thing has been a trial, and he was never going to hurt Whit and Wisty. Whit is skeptical.
  • The One starts recounting all the prophecies about Whit and Wisty. The first one is that they'd be born to Wiccans. Check.
  • Prophecy two was that they'd lead an army of children. Check.
  • Prophecy three is that they'll know sadness, suffering, and betrayal. Bummer.
  • Number four is that they have to visit all five levels of reality. So far we've seen two.
  • The One is skipping number five—number six is that they'll combine powers with someone else.
  • Okay, we're back to number five: The Allgoods will be executed. That's it. The One says Whit can wake Wisty up now.

Chapter 99

  • Wisty wakes up. She's a little disoriented, but she remembers what happened.
  • Whit wants to know where their parents are. Wisty says he should ask Sasha, who is a lying liar.
  • Sasha doesn't care, though; he did what he had to do.
  • The kids are trying to throw a little party in honor of their rescue. They're back at Garfunkel's, Wisty notes.
  • Wisty also notes that Janine has a crush on Whit, though Whit's clueless.
  • Janine is promoting Whit to rescue-mission driver. Whit seems mildly alarmed that he has to drive the van again.
  • Janine wants them to help with another rescue mission, and Whit and Wisty agree.

Chapter 100

  • Byron the weasel wants to go, too. He's part of the team now.
  • Wisty is skeptical, but Byron apologies for his behavior, so Whit says, fine, he can come along. Byron cries.

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