Study Guide

The Matron in Witch and Wizard

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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The Matron

The Matron is a N.O. administrator who runs the second prison where Whit and Wisty are held. She's super strict and always ready with the stun gun if you don't live up to her expectations. Her inner beauty seems connected to her outward appearance—"she had a crooked nose and a pointy chin with a huge mole that had wiry black hairs growing out of it" (21.15), and she "croaked like a frog who'd smoked too many cigarettes" (21.14). Her outside is about as rotten as her insides, it seems.

When the child rebels overtake her facility, the Matron tries to fight back, at least at first. But she loses her nerve when Wisty turns her brother, Ezekiel Unger, into a cockroach and ends up pulling a runner.

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