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The One Who Is The One in Witch and Wizard

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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The One Who Is The One

Though he has what is surely the most ridiculous name in all of young adult literature, The One Who Is The One is a pretty scary dude. "Tall, bald, extremely imposing" (8.13), he's the wicked dictator who presides over the New Order. He's also the reason (if you can call it that) that Whit and Wisty go to prison, though he chooses not to share his motives.

The One is an enigmatic character, mostly because he only makes a few brief appearances in the book. Here's what we know: Though he's stridently opposed to magic, he seems to be a very powerful magical being. He's all-knowing (or at least he claims to be), he seems to control the weather, and of course he has a huge amount of political power. According to a refugee at the child rebel camp, he's personally executed at least forty children. Gulp.

As the Allgoods' antagonist, it's natural to assume The One is totally evil. He's the reason Wisty and Whit have so much trouble, and also the reason their parents are in hiding. But the speech he gives to Whit after the prison raid throws his motivations into question. He asks:

"Am I a friend, a foe—or a little of each? Are the important things in life black and white, or maybe a little gray?" (98.16)

One thing's for sure: At some point in the future, The One's going to try to execute the Allgoods. We know because the first and final scenes in the book take us ahead to that moment in time. So with what we know about The One so far, we're feeling like the foe components far outweigh any possible friendly elements to this evil dude.

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