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Witch and Wizard Family

By James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

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In the first pages of the book, we open on a cozy family scene: The Allgood family—Wisty, her brother Whit, and their parents—are about to be executed in front of a stadium full of spectators. (Why can't they just do taco night like a normal family?) In the rest of Witch and Wizard (which occurs before the opening scene, chronologically speaking), though, we spend most of our time focused on the brother-and-sister team.

Dedicated siblings, Whit and Wisty are always there for one another, for both emotional support and for fighting bad guys. Even though Mr. and Mrs. Allgood are in hiding, the kids think of them often, especially when they need an extra shot of courage. For all the Allgoods, familial love is a major source of strength.

Questions About Family

  1. As parents, what do you think of Mr. and Mrs. Allgood? Is there anything you would have done differently in their place? What do their children seem to think of them?
  2. In what ways do Whit and Wisty support one another? Name a few specific examples.
  3. What familial traits do the Allgoods share? Identify at least three and explore what this tells you about the family.

Chew on This

Mr. and Mrs. Allgood didn't give their kids enough information about their identities when they were growing up and should have been more explicit about who they were.

Mr. and Mrs. Allgood gave their kids plenty of information about their identities when they were growing up—the kids just weren't paying attention.

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