Study Guide

The Witches Chapter 11

By Roald Dahl

Chapter 11

The Ancient Ones

  • As mean as the GHW is, she has one last as-nice-as-mean-can-get announcement: the witches who are too old to catch their own blabbersnitches and crabcrunchers (we all know how physically demanding that can be, right?) will be provided with some of the formula, so they don't have to make their own.
  • She shows these Ancient Ones what she will give them: a tiny, blue bottle that contains five-hundred doses of the Mouse-Maker. She tells them that they should come up to her room, number 454, at six o'clock to get their bottles. She also gives them the schedule for the rest of the night: tea with the manager immediately and then dinner at eight o'clock in the Dining Room.
  • By the way, says the GHW, too bad for any adults who accidentally get dosed with the mouse maker – they'll be mice, too. Hey, it happens.
  • The meeting is about to end, when one of the witches screams and announces that she smells dog poop. There's a child lurking nearby, she just knows it. Suddenly, all the witches are sniffing, and the GHW demands that the child must be found and "exterrrminated immediately!" (11.33).