Study Guide

The Witches Chapter 19

By Roald Dahl

Chapter 19

Mr Jenkins and His Son

  • Mr Jenkins is back to give Grandmamma a talking to. He can't find Bruno and he's sure that he's with her grandson. He wants to know what's up.
  • Grandmamma confirms, once again, that Bruno is now a mouse, and after a little more defiance from Mr Jenkins, Bruno finally pops his head out and speaks.
  • Mr Jenkins is shocked, and needless to say, less than thrilled about the situation, especially because Mrs Jenkins hates mice, and they have a cat at home. That's a bad combination.
  • Everyone in the room is watching Mr Jenkins scream and yell, but they can't see Bruno, so they have no idea what's going on.
  • Mr Jenkins demands to know who did this to his son. Grandmamma points to the GHW, and, despite a warning from Grandmamma that she's quite dangerous and could turn him into a cockroach, Mr Jenkins starts marching toward her.