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The daughter of the lord of Re Albi (Serret) in A Wizard of Earthsea

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The daughter of the lord of Re Albi (Serret)

If Jasper were a girl and met Ged earlier, he would be the daughter of the lord of Re Albi. That is, just as Jasper mocks Ged, which goads Ged into casting a spell that's too powerful for him, so the daughter of the lord of Re Albi … well, you know where this is going. She says some things, Ged gets offended, and so Ged casts a spell that's too powerful for him, just so he can impress her and all that. (The connection between her and Jasper is even stronger when we think that they both inadvertently prompted Ged to cast spells that summon shadow monsters of some sort.)

But that's only the first time Ged meets the little girl who is (maybe) half Osskilian (2.21). The second time we meet her, on Osskil, she's called Serret and she's the wife of old man Benderesk. Oh, and also (we almost forgot) she's manipulative and wants to trick Ged into becoming enslaved to the evil Stone of the Terrenon. (Although, when you read both scenes with her, you can see that she gets Ged to relax around her by talking a lot both times.)

There's one thing we don't quite understand, though: Serret isn't really heroic. Check out the time when she kills a bunch of her husband's servants by running hot lead in their bones (7.70). That might sound like an awesome thing to do in a videogame, but it's really quite cruel. So she's not really heroic, but she does seem to take Ged's side at the end there. What's up with that? Do you think she's a villain for trying to trick Ged? Or a hero for trying to help him? Or was she just trying to save him in order to trick him again later? We just don't know.

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