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The Woman in White Part 1, Section 1, Chapter 13

By Wilkie Collins

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Part 1, Section 1, Chapter 13

  • Walter's surveillance pays off—Anne Catherick and an old lady show up.
  • The old lady goes to keep watch and leaves Anne to finish cleaning Mrs. Fairlie's gravestone.
  • Walter spies a bit and then reveals himself, scaring Anne.
  • But Anne remembers Walter and soon calms down.
  • She tells Walter a fairly disjointed story about what's happened to her.
  • Anne went to stay with her friend Mrs. Clements and the two hid out in London.
  • But people were still looking for Anne and the women came to Limmeridge to stay with Mrs. Clement's pals at a farm called Todd's Corner.
  • Anne was the one who delivered the letter to Laura. She flips out when Walter mentions Sir Percival by name.
  • Walter concludes that Sir Percival was the one who locked Anne up.
  • Mrs. Clements arrives on the scene after Anne freaks.
  • She ushers the upset Anne away.

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