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The Woman in White Part 1, Section 1, Chapter 2

By Wilkie Collins

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Part 1, Section 1, Chapter 2

  • Time for some exposition and scene-setting, kids.
  • It's July, and Walter is a bit bummed about his financial situation. Work hasn't been plentiful, and cash is tight.
  • He's heading to dinner with his family, which consists of his sister Sarah and his mother.
  • Walter's father, who was also an art teacher, is dead.
  • Walter also fills us in on his odd friend, Pesca, who is at the Hartright house for dinner.
  • Pesca is an Italian language professor who is super short and super high-spirited.
  • Walter saved Pesca from drowning during a beach vacay, and ever since, Pesca has been nearly obsessed with doing Walter a solid to say thanks.

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