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The Woman in White Part 1, Section 2, Chapter 2

By Wilkie Collins

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Part 1, Section 2, Chapter 2

  • Everyone gathers for dinner, but only Sir Percival is in a good mood.
  • A letter arrives from Jane Catherick, Anne's mom, confirming Sir Percival's story.
  • Marian seems convinced there's some sort of conspiracy afoot.
  • Laura begs for her decision about whether or not to end the engagement to be postponed.
  • Mr. Gilmore goes to hash things out with Laura. He feels that Laura is being ridiculous.
  • But Laura is so upset that Mr. Gilmore doesn't have the heart to lecture her.
  • She also refuses to talk much about her marriage settlement and leaves all the legal and financial matters to Mr. Gilmore.
  • Her only request is that Marian be allowed to live with her if she gets married.
  • Mr. Gilmore then heads back to London.

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