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The Woman in White Part 1, Section 2, Chapter 3

By Wilkie Collins

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Part 1, Section 2, Chapter 3

  • Back in London, Mr. Gilmore receives word that the marriage is definitely on.
  • He gets to work on drawing up Laura's marriage settlement, meaning arranging how her finances would work out.
  • We get some background on the Fairlies. Philip Fairlie, Laura's dad, had two siblings. After his death the younger brother, Frederick, inherited Limmeridge (no girls allowed to inherit, apparently).
  • His sister, Eleanor, married an Italian guy. Philip was furious about that and cut Eleanor out of his will.
  • Laura has a boatload of money. Mr. Gilmore draws up a settlement that ensures that either her kids will get the money… or Marian will if she dies childless.
  • Mr. Gilmore is super-upset when a counter-proposal arrives from Sir Percival's lawyer, Mr. Merriman.
  • The counter says that all of Laura's money will go directly to Sir Percival upon her death.
  • The two men duke it out and Mr. Gilmore grows increasingly upset about Sir Percival's insistence on this clause.
  • In London Mr. Gilmore runs into Walter, who looks awful.
  • Walter is heading out of the country and Mr. Gilmore worries about his future, given how sickly he looks.

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