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The Woman in White Part 1, Section 3, Chapter 2

By Wilkie Collins

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Part 1, Section 3, Chapter 2

  • That out-of-town trip was a bad idea, because the men decided to make a decision in the womenfolk's absence and set the wedding date for December 22.
  • Merry Christmas! Or not.
  • Laura has a meltdown when she hears about the date.
  • Deep down, Marian probably wants to scream, "Just call off the wedding, idiot!" But she doesn't.
  • The two women chat about Walter, and Laura says she's trying to forget him.
  • Marian burns Walter's farewell letter.
  • Wedding preparations begin and Marian is busy with taking care of Laura and trying to muster up some positive feelings for Sir Percival.
  • Marian is cheered up when she learns that Sir Percival is pals with Count Fosco, Eleanor Fairlie's husband. The two are meeting up with the Glydes on their honeymoon trip abroad, which means Laura will have a female relative nearby.
  • Marian goes back to hating Sir Percival after watching him grow increasingly irritable and borderline mean to Laura.
  • The wedding finally takes place, and Marian is devastated.

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