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The Woman in White Part 2, Section 1, Chapter 2

By Wilkie Collins

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Part 2, Section 1, Chapter 2

  • Marian is happy to be with Laura again, but Laura seems a bit different now.
  • The two women never discuss her marriage, and Laura tries to pretend it's just like old times when she's with Marian.
  • Marian is less than impressed with the Foscos.
  • Eleanor Fosco is really changed. She used to be vivacious, but now she's stonily silent and scary.
  • Count Fosco is pompous, fat, and totally full of it. He's also infuriatingly charming.
  • Marian is bizarrely drawn to him and spends pages describing his complex character.
  • After all this set-up, we get back to the action.
  • Mr. Merriman, the lawyer, arrives, alarming Fosco and Percival.

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