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The Woman in White Part 2, Section 1, Chapter 5

By Wilkie Collins

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Part 2, Section 1, Chapter 5

  • Laura fills Marian in on what a farce her marriage is.
  • She says Sir Percival has nothing but contempt for her and frequently berates her for her confession about Walter.
  • Marian also learns that Sir Percival is growing abusive. She sees nasty bruises on Laura's arms from where he grabbed her.
  • Marian is horrified.
  • Outside, the two women see a figure in white. Nice to see you again, Anne.
  • The girls also think they are being watched and followed. They rush back to the house, spooked.
  • Marian encounters Fosco and he accounts for everyone's presence in the house.
  • So who was following her and Laura?

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