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The Woman in White Part 2, Section 1, Chapter 6

By Wilkie Collins

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Part 2, Section 1, Chapter 6

  • Marian grows increasingly anxious and paranoid.
  • She sneaks out when the mail is set to arrive in order to get her expected letter from Mr. Kyrle before anyone else does.
  • Mr. Kyrle's letter is very reassuring and says Laura should refuse to sign anything. He also says Laura can demand that he look over the document, as her lawyer.
  • Marian chills with Count Fosco for a while, who is playing with his pet mice.
  • Creepy.
  • Later a breathless Laura rushes in and tells Marian that she's just met Anne Catherick.
  • Anne is her good old crazy self and gives all sorts of cryptic warnings about Sir Percival.
  • Marian is frustrated that Laura isn't the best detective, and doesn't have many useful details to share.
  • Anne looked awful, and Laura learned that she is dying.
  • Anne also tells Laura that Sir Percival has a Secret with a capital S.
  • (If it's that he's a big old jerkface, we already knew.)
  • Marian then fills Laura in on Mr. Kyrle's letter and says they have to stay firm, since Sir Percival is obviously trying to get his hands on Laura's money.
  • Sir Percival's method of getting cash seems overly elaborate. (Just saying.)
  • Later that evening Count Fosco kinda-sorta hits on Marian. Yipes!

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