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The Woman in White Part 2, Section 1, Chapter 7

By Wilkie Collins

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Part 2, Section 1, Chapter 7

  • The next day Laura sneaks out to meet Anne again, but she ends up coming back with a furious Sir Percival.
  • Marian tracks down Laura's maid Fanny, who says she's been fired.
  • Margaret Porcher is guarding Laura's door and won't let Marian in to see her.
  • Marian threatens Sir Percival with legal action and Count Fosco intervenes to talk Percival down.
  • So Marian gets access to Laura.
  • But Laura, ironically enough, decides to shoot her mouth off for once and calls the count a spy in Countess Fosco's hearing.
  • Bad move, Laura.
  • Laura goes to meet Anne but only finds a note from her saying that she's being watched and will try to contact Laura later.
  • Then Sir Percival appears and says he'd read the note.
  • Terrified, Laura confesses everything Anne said to Sir Percival, who proceeds to threaten Laura. This guy really is a prize.
  • Fortunately, Marian keeps her head in a crisis and says she's going to write to Mr. Kyrle and Uncle Fairlie for help.

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