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The Woman in White Part 2, Section 3, Chapter 2

By Wilkie Collins

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Part 2, Section 3, Chapter 2

  • Later Percival sends Mrs. Michelson away to look for a nice place for the sisters to stay in Torquay.
  • Mrs. Michelson thinks this is a terrible idea, but she goes.
  • When she returns she learns that the Foscos have left for London.
  • And she learns that Marian has gone too, back to Limmeridge.
  • Mrs. Michelson is horrified, since Marian was not well enough to be moved, but Percival tells her to put a sock in it.
  • Laura pretty much has a meltdown at this point and insists on going to Marian.
  • Percival says "Whatever," but insists she stay the night at the Foscos to break up the long journey.
  • He shows her a letter from Uncle Fairlie saying to do just that.
  • Laura reluctantly agrees, but she secretly tells Mrs. Michelson that she's planning to make a run for it and go to Mrs. Vesey instead.
  • Laura finally leaves and Mrs. Michelson is very worried about her.
  • And then, the bombshell to end all bombshells.
  • Mrs. Michelson sees Mrs. Rubelle outside.
  • Mrs. Rubelle reveals that Marian is still at Blackwater Park.
  • Whoa.
  • Mrs. Michelson is stunned and confronts Sir Percival, who insists that Marian is fine and dandy and that he only lied to get Laura out of the house for her own good.
  • Mrs. Michelson tries to quit, but Percival says he's peacing out and if she leaves, Marian won't have anyone to care for her.
  • So she stays and tends to Marian with Mrs. Rubelle.

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