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The Woman in White Part 3, Section 1, Chapter 2

By Wilkie Collins

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Part 3, Section 1, Chapter 2

  • Walter now relays Marian's and Laura's stories to get everyone up to speed:
  • Marian slowly recovers and is devastated by Laura's supposed death.
  • After regaining some of her strength, she makes her way back to Limmeridge.
  • There, she starts contacting the various people who were around Laura during her final days to clear up the mystery surrounding her death.
  • Fosco sends Uncle Fairlie a letter telling him that Anne Catherick has been recaptured and is back in the asylum.
  • Except now Anne is even nuttier and keeps insisting she's really Laura Fairlie.
  • Marian is intrigued, so she goes to the asylum to speak to Anne.
  • The asylum staff let her in, revealing what conveniently horrible security they have.
  • Marian is stunned when she sees that Anne is really Laura.
  • Laura is practically nuts now herself, after having spent the past few weeks in the loony bin.
  • Marian plots the best way to spring her sister.
  • She decides that legal means will take too long, so she'll just have to bust Laura out herself.
  • Marian bribes Laura's nurse and manages to get her out.
  • The two hightail it to Limmeridge.
  • During the train ride, Laura manages to fill Marian in on what happened.
  • She arrived in London and was intercepted by Fosco before she could get to Mrs. Vesey's.
  • Fosco took her to a strange house and reassured her that Marian was there but was resting.
  • Some strange people were there, and a guy seemed to be standing guard.
  • Fosco came back and gave Laura some water and she promptly passed out.
  • (People really need to stop accepting drinks from the Foscos.)
  • Laura was pretty drugged up at this point, so her narrative stops making much sense.
  • When she came out of the fog of the drugs, she was in an asylum dressed in white and people were calling her Anne Catherick.
  • So the sisters arrive at Limmeridge, but idiot Uncle Fairlie refuses to believe that Laura is really Laura.
  • So the girls get tossed out of their own home.
  • They head to the cemetery to regroup and then encounter Walter.

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