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The Woman in White Part 3, Section 1, Chapter 3

By Wilkie Collins

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Part 3, Section 1, Chapter 3

  • Walter butts in now and clears things up for anyone who's still confused:
  • Fosco swapped Anne and Laura. He sent Laura to the asylum in Anne's place. Anne meanwhile died at Fosco's house under Laura's name.
  • Walter is determined to get justice for Laura, so he sets up house with the sisters and plots his next move.
  • Marian is steadily regaining strength and insists on helping Walter.
  • Laura is still sort of all over the place, so the two of them have to tag-team it to protect her.
  • First, the dream team of Walter and Marian try to jog Laura's memory.
  • They fail at this since Laura's wicked case of post-traumatic stress syndrome isn't going to clear up overnight.
  • The dream team realizes that Laura has become a liability to herself and there's no way they can get her to prove her own identity; she's too altered and mentally unstable.
  • So they set about gathering up testimony from the people featured in Part 2 of the story in an effort to find clues.
  • Walter keys in on the fact that the dates are crucial, because there's a distinct chance that Anne died before Laura actually left Blackwater, which would tear apart the whole conspiracy.
  • Walter and Marian also decide to seek legal advice, so Walter goes to see Mr. Kyrle.

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